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Ordinary - Delico x Reader
Curse whoever created and labeled them, curse whoever drew the thick line between humans and twilights.
In their eyes, this helpless, defenseless creature lying on the bunk, bleeding what seems to be normal blood, bleeding through what seems to be normal flesh, is a monster.
Should you be scared? Should you run for your life? No, it's too late to do it now. You had the chance to do so and never see him again a couple of months back when he first breached the walls of your house and heart.
Although where you live can hardly be called a house, it's still a home.
You drag a rusty chair across the ragged floor, making as much noise as possible. Once you're comfortable with the distance between the bunk and the chair, you sit down and cross your arms over your chest.
He rolls on his side, exposing his viciously cold, hetero-chromatic eyes to the dim light of a single light bulb twinkling in the back of the room.
The smell of blood has flooded the atmosphere, coming not only
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 64 5
After Sex Talks - Kagami Taiga x Reader
[Hasn't been proofread]
KNB After Sex Talks (N9)

Lights are out, darkness evades the spacious bedroom as whispers travel in the air. Pants are dying down, there's nothing but a pit of black surrounding you.
You run your fingertips over the back of his arm, as if making sure that he's still there, that he hasn't faded into the dark.
Silence isn't comforting, not after such a fervent session you've shared, still, somehow it brings a certain kind of relief, for embarrassment you feel makes starting conversation a challenge.
He sits up slowly, gently setting your hand aside. He rests his elbows on the sides of the bed and gives you a brief smile. His gaze shoots upwards, into the blackness of the ceiling.
"Maybe we went a little overboard this time." He sighs in exhaustion.
"A little?!" You exclaim, blinking rapidly. "Up until this point we've been friends with absolutely no hint of becoming something else." A tint of crimson blooms on your cheekbones and you put your hands o
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 240 15
After Sex Talks - Nijimura Shuuzou x Reader
I'll waste a minute of yours to say thank you. Thank you for reading, commenting. You are lovely, funny, you've always got something nice to say. I hope my stories make you feel as good as you make me feel.
KNB After Sex Talks (N8)
You wake up to him holding you in a strong embrace. Have you been cuddling all night? It is physically uncomfortable as much as it is mentally. His muscular, toned arm feels heavy on your ribs and your arm is squished in between too.
You try to move, but you're afraid to wake him up. This is a one night stand. You're supposed to wake up before him and leave quietly like they do in movies ..right?
You have a sober memory of talking to him at night, although you can't recall what the conversation was about. You might have been sleep talking for all you know. But, hold on, what is this guy's name?
As you carefully take his forearm and lift it up to set your other arm free, he starts to move, then rolls to the side. You free
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 137 26
A Smile Will Do - Hazuki Nagisa x Reader
You remember being excited about getting a bicycle as a birthday present and up to this day, the excitement hasn't stopped overflowing you with each passing day you rode your bike across the streets of Iwatobi.
You always set off early in the morning, racing the beams of rising sun. It's always chilly before the warm, tangerine rays land upon the earth, and as if embracing its lover, pass the heat to the awakening world. Cool breeze brushes against your skin ever so gently, it bends the branches of the lined-up trees as it pleases. The leaves rock slowly, rustling as wind gusts through them. The flowers and grass, too, obediently bow to the soft air. Looks like the whole nature's waving you a hello.
You smile to yourself, running your twinkling eyes over the scenery around you. There are no sounds but of nature, only the sounds of your spinning vehicle cause a dissonance in the atmosphere as you ride it 'round the small town. You're grateful those sounds there, for you keep spacing out
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 59 9
After Sex Talks - Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader
Hey people! As you may or may not know, I'm on a small hiatus. But I've found some time to write this piece for you. It's a little different from all the rest. Feel the temperature rising). Also, I apologize for not being able to keep this chapter gender neutral. I hope you don't mind being dressed in a skirt for the occasion.
By the way, thanks for 384 watchers on dA! In order to celebrate, I thought of doing something like a Q&A (Only because I'm in no spirits to accomplish anything like story writing atm). You can leave any question, request, ask for advice or anything that involves me answering down in the comments or on my home page. You can send me a direct message also. All the questions will stay anonymous if you want them to :) Answers will be posted in my journal.
After Sex Talks (N14)
You pull your fingers out of his hair, gasping for air. Your lungs have no room to breathe in, for you're pressed between a locker and your boyfriend who's holding you by your
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 408 22
After Sex Talks - Kise Ryouta x Reader
A very important note from me.
Sorry for being away for nearly a month, but I'm afraid I have to go on a small hiatus because of severe health problems.
This is the last work by me you'll see for a while, but I'll be back and I'll try to keep you updated through my journal.
Thank you for all the support and for being the best readers ever. Until the next time :)
KNB After Sex Talks (N7)
When Ryouta came home from another modeling session today, he looked so stunning and the outfit he was wearing was so fitting, that you almost felt guilty for undressing him.
Now you're lying on top of him, your leg is wrapped around his and you occupy yourself by casually taking his designer hats off the nearby hanger and placing them one after one on the blond head of your boyfriend.
For his nape is resting on an enormous pillow, you end up putting the hats over his forehead, in answer to what he goes from smiling, to frowning and from scowling to ch
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 425 47
No Hero Will Save You - Nanase Haruka x Reader
Hi. I didn't know what a songfic was, so I thought I'd ask Google.
I liked the idea of it, but I thought it'd be better to apply some changes. This is no ordinary songfic, but a song-inspired one shot, if that makes sense to you.
This is a only an experiment. Yes, I am implying that it's not good.
The song is "My Demons" by Starset
There are times when life seems too tough to handle, like all the hardships you've went through never left without a trace and later grew to become a huge wall blocking the view of the sun to you.
A let down like this never failed to crawl into the back of your head and start destroying your mind inwardly, causing stress, feeling of being left out, helplessness.
You are, however, on the same page with such days. There have been enough to break you in spine by now, but you carried on and made it.
Today is j
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 55 16
After Sex Talks - Haiba Lev x Reader
A/N : Similarly to Haiba Lev-kun, I have Russian blood flowing through me, and unlike this shame of a half-blooded specimen, I am fluent in Russian. Now imagine that you know the least of it, words like hello, goodbye and other, just for the sake of teasing him :) I'll help.
Люблю вас всех до чертиков!
After Sex Talks (N13)
Your favorite song is playing in the background, dragging memories along as it booms loudly enough to cover the soft humming flowing through your lips, but not loud enough to shush the clarion voice of Haiba Lev. He keeps on rambling something unfamiliar to your ears, and you just nod in reply and watch his eyes catch flame of enthusiasm.
Oddly entertaining, he is.
"You resemble a lion a l
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 367 18
After Sex Talks - Midorima Shintaro x Reader (Pt2)
KNB After Sex Talks (N6.5)
For the first time on AST, we have a continuation to one of the stories. You might want to read the first Midorima Shintaro x Reader to avoid any confusion.
Also, you'll probably see this the day after, but it's still February 14 in Macedonia,
:iconVanilla-CherryXII: aka Kate, be my virtual Valentine? //goofy grin//
You're sat on the bed with a blanket draped over your feet and a towel over your head. You stare at the door blankly, not batting an eye. Tears burn in the corners of your eyes, lips grow red and purple as you bite through your own flesh.
He's not back yet.
You've lost the track of elapsing hours, what you care for is the whereabouts o
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 257 36
After Sex Talks - Midorima Shintaro x Reader
KNB After Sex Talks (N6)
Once again I neglected the queue, but today's just as special occasion. Okay nothing special, I was simply listening to Adam Lambert's "Runnin" and wanted to write an angsty (?) one shot.
It's approximately fifteen minutes later when you reach for the pair of spectacles resting on the side of the bed. You're lying chest to chest with your green-haired boyfriend, gazing him in the emerald eyes of his from above, constantly smiling at his deadpan expression.
He shuts his eyes halfway, revealing the full length of his lashes as you place the glasses over the bridge of his nose.
"Your eyes are so pretty." You chant in a sweet tone.
"Don't say it like that, nanodayo.." He scowls momentarily, rolling his head to the side, and you can see the hidden meaning behind his words. Girls are not supposed to say things like that.
You cup his face softly and it takes the leas
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 263 77
After Sex Talks - Hinata Shouyou x Reader
After Sex Talks (N12)
This one was quite a struggle to write, so forgive me if it doesn't live up to your expectations.
Thanks to my queen, :iconVanilla-CherryXII: for giving me some helpful advice :)

A small lamp resting on the nightstand flashes a faint light over the bed. For how many years has Hinata had this lava lamp? You've been lying there beside him long enough to determine how many smaller flickers there are between each vivid one.
Keen twinkles keep laying a soft tint of orange over the boy's face, making his skin tone fade with the colour of his hair. You can see blush blooming over his cheeks and the bridge of his nose as his lips curl into agitated waves. There's a glimpse of guilt beaming brighter than his ancient lava lantern within Hinata's hazel irises.
"Shouyou?" You ask, almost in a whisper, and feel his body flinch over yours.
He shifts to th
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 369 35
After Sex Talks - Akaashi Keiji x Reader (Special)
After Sex Talks (N11)
Hahah is it bad that I think Akaashi must be a pro at sex? I'd see how correct my prediction is any moment.
You're facing the wall of the shower, palms put flat against the misted tiles as you fix your regard upon your ring finger.
Akaashi finds only your backside and nape exposed to him; your head is bowed slightly between your shoulders. He carries on gently running the sponge up and down your spine, then rubs your neck whilst massaging your shoulder blade, which has reddened because of a careless movement of yours.
He moves a strand of hair that has stuck to your face out of the way and starts slowly,
"Sorry about that. We shall fix it soon." Says the crow-haired man in his usual, resolute tone and a voice that shakes your very soul.
You nod silently in acknowledgment of the man's words, carrying on boring holes through your hand with a concentrated on it gaze.
A thick, red line is still hugging you
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 410 29
After Sex Talks - Himuro Tatsuya x Reader
KNB After Sex Talks (N5)
10th of January 2015, the day I become a dancing queen, only seventeen! And happy 3rd season of Kuroko no Basuke, everyone!
Sorry for not updating in sequence of requests I got, but today I'm a birthday boy and I want to write Himuro. And wet kisses. Kinda pervy and kinda gross. Have fun <3
Oh, the sweet sensation of his lips against your skin. The intercourse is far behind, but the two of you can't promise to cool down anytime soon.
He gives you impassioned, open-mouthed kisses on your hips, then shifts the disposal of his body to hover over yours and runs his tongue up your stomach, towards the center of your chest.
"T..Tatsu..ya," you moan, arching your spine as you curl his silky strands of hair around your fingers.
Himuro's hand crawls up your thigh and his teeth dive into your collar bone.
"I want you all.." He purrs into your skin,
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 457 78
After Sex Talks - Aomine Daiki x Reader
KNB After Sex Talks (N4)
For a good pal from DeviantArt, Vanilla-CherryXII, there's some hot Aomine ahead, just sayin' :P and I hope you'll once again do me a favor and point out anything that is off, or should be changed. Thanks!

One more remark, one more sexual remark, and you're ready to slap the tan out of Aomine. You sit on the pillows with your back against the headboard of the bed and arms hugging his head, which happens to be buried in your chest.
You can feel him smirking into your skin and it makes it twice as uncomfortable, especially since he hasn't been gifted with art of staying silent.
"Are you comfortable?" You cock an eyebrow, glancing down at his navy blue hair.
"Mhm," he hums, tightening the hold of his arms around your waist.
"Could've been bigger and softer, but this will go." He blurts out, and you would have already snapped out if you hadn't
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 634 47
After Sex Talks - Takao Kazunari x Reader (XMAS)
KNB After Sex Talks (N3)
(A note for a certain someone : I haven't shunned your advice in any way, it's just a prewritten one shot which I have to post due to a crammed schedule, so it's still lacking some things~)
It all happened so quickly, that you barely realize that it has already ended officially. There are now only two fatigued, perspiring vessels pressed to each other in a protective embrace. You don't give yourselves a room to breathe for your panting chests keep crashing together and throats shake with every brisk gulp of oxygen stolen right out of the other's mouth.
That sneaky demon, Kazunari Takao. Recalling all the unspeakable things he's done during sex, your cheeks never failed to gain an instant rosy tint on their apples. He bit, he tickled, he delved where it should not have been delved, he teased, and altogether these were dumped into a cauldron of pleasure.
You thank the heavens that it las
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 253 26
After Sex Talks - Kiyoshi Teppei x Reader (XMAS)
KNB After Sex Talks (N2)
Your oversized boyfriend has always had the heart which complimented his posture well. He is caring, cautious and considerate, what you love to call the C-Cubed syndrome.
He has given you all the time you needed to finally become ripe and take the relationship a step further and now that you've finally done it, you feel complete.
You sit up on the couch, his body moves with yours and his large hands grab you by waist. You cup his face and bring your lips closer, keeping your elbows stuck to your sides. Kiyoshi kisses you deeply, teasingly slipping his tongue in.
You go along with his dare game and sweep your tongue over the backside of his teeth and then it meets his own.
Unexpectedly, Teppei bows his head low and chuckles whilst a cloud of crimson is growing on his cheeks.
"Sorry, that was too good." He utters in his cheerful tone.
"What?" You laugh, running your hand thought his brown strands of hair.
"You're like a Christmas treat,
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 258 14


Happy Holidays from DeviantArt!
‘Twas the night before Christmas on DeviantArt,
Not a paintbrush was stirring, and creators took heart.
The artists scrolled through Daily Deviations with care
Knowing kindred warm-fuzzies soon would be there.
Deviants were all swiping, all snug on their phones
While visions of inspiration across all time zones
Were zapped to their smart device, quick as can be,
At the tap of a button in a +Fav’ing spree!
When across the Interwebs there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to the Comments to see what was the matter,
“I’m bored,” the Journal wrote, “I’m on a long trip, too.
I don’t have my laptop, and there’s nothing to do.”
I cracked all my knuckles, settled down in my chair,
Then descended upon the keyboard and wrote with a flair:
“Dear Friend, did you not get DA’s early present?
We now have an app, and it won’t cost you one cent!
“On, Watch Feed! On, Browse! On, Explore! On, Today!
Tap-and-hold to fave, sha
:iconheidi:Heidi 2,918 5,186
13 things about me (tag)
I was tagged by the awesomesauce bookerror 
Not posting the rules because I'm a rebel haha (not really, I just don't want to tag ppl)
sooo 13 things...
1. I absolutely adore sushi and will always be down to grab some whenever.
2. I'm an LOTR nerd and I love reading.
3. My favorite book at the moment is The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. 
4. I'm still a semi noob to anime/manga but my first anime crush was this dude:  (L from DeathNote)
5. I'm quite the introvert (but I'm trying to work on that)
6. I love watching movies!
7. I've only ever had pet fish (I want both a dog and a cat)
8. I love to swim! and the beach of one of my favorite places. btw swimming in the rain is cool too
9. I am still trying and failing to upload consistently on dA, plus college is coming up so idk what I'll do then.
10. Summer has always been my fav season because no school. 
11. I like watching gaming walkthroughs on YouTube because I will prob
:iconolive1736:olive1736 2 16
deviantartist questionnare

main page


a bit late...
1. how long have you been on deviantart?
june three years ago!
2. what does your username mean?
um it was an oc from my transformers phase a while back haha
3. describe yourself in three words.
4. are you left or right handed?
5. what was your first deviation?
im p sure it was a corel paint homestuck fan art
its deleted c:
6. what is your favourite type of art to create?
i like exploring a lot! every type of art is cool to try out
7. if you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
paper craft and polymer clay and jewelry making and sewing and cosmetics
8. what was your f
:iconstarfire602:StarFire602 1 5
Too Slow (Newt X Reader)
Author's Note: Not an alternate universe, but I did change some canon stuff to make the story fit. Not like a lot of stuff, but Alby doesn't get stuck in the maze with Minho and Thomas, and Teresa hasn't arrived at the Glade yet.  
No, no, no. You thought, running desperately. You had gotten turned around in the maze (how stupid was that; you had been a runner for a year and a half and now you were going to die in the shuckin' thing), and now you didn't think you were going to make it to the doors before they shut.
__y/n__, you suck, You mentally scolded yourself. C'mon, run just a little harder and you'll make it!
You nearly sobbed in relief as you ran around the bend, and the entrance to the Glade finally came into sight. Newt, Minho, Thomas, Alby, and all of your other friends were waiting for you, and when Thomas caught sight of you, he cheered.
"Come on, __y/n__, you can do this!" You heard Minho say, but you felt your heart
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 423 93
it'll be okay| teiko!kise
teiko!kise ryouta x reader
    Kise's eyes always sported different shades and tints of yellow to express his mood. There was the cheerful citrine that sparkled in the sunlight whenever he smiled; the golden blaze with a hint of ivory that flashed dangerously during practices or intense games; and every other shade or tint of honey or gold you could imagine.
    And then there was that dull smoky quartz. The sign of defeat and sadness. That was the color you noticed in Kise's eyes as he slowly exited the Teiko gymnasium.  Did practice not go well today or something? Earlier that day, Kise had been excitedly telling you about his promotion to the first string for the basketball team. And that he might be a regular soon.
    'Don't tell me...' you panicked.
    "Hey, Kise-kun," you called to him. He brushed past you, his head facing the ground. You turned and worry clouded over your eyes. "Were you not made a
:iconstarfire602:StarFire602 29 4
Biggest tag of life.
I decided to use the time and finally do all these fantastic tags, partly because I want to tell you guys more about me, but because I can’t just leave these tags undone. WELP. Here you go.
Bonus 30 facts just for you guys because why not.
    1.   The many facts that you are all about to read are all facts and secrets about me that are not interesting but also interesting.
    2.   I’m currently procrastinating and kinda on hiatus and I haven’t uploaded 50 million of my fanfics because of my anxiety disorder.
    3.   Yes, I do have anxiety.
    4.   My procrastination is full of sleep, more sleep, eating, doing my homework because I have no ideas for my fanfics and watch anime or read fanfics.
    5.   The only person here on deviant art who has seen my fabulous face (lolz) is
:iconjaynanase:JayNanase 6 26
Yoko  Littner by katyuskamoonfox Yoko Littner :iconkatyuskamoonfox:katyuskamoonfox 2,417 133 World Map: Tifa Lockhart by katyuskamoonfox World Map: Tifa Lockhart :iconkatyuskamoonfox:katyuskamoonfox 1,421 59 Meteor Strike: Tifa Lockhart by katyuskamoonfox Meteor Strike: Tifa Lockhart :iconkatyuskamoonfox:katyuskamoonfox 2,830 216 Misa by katyuskamoonfox Misa :iconkatyuskamoonfox:katyuskamoonfox 536 10 Pum Pum Pumpkin: Blair Cosplay by katyuskamoonfox Pum Pum Pumpkin: Blair Cosplay :iconkatyuskamoonfox:katyuskamoonfox 2,213 149 Leone AGK by katyuskamoonfox Leone AGK :iconkatyuskamoonfox:katyuskamoonfox 4,606 476 I write him a lot, I just don't press send by Ayzis I write him a lot, I just don't press send :iconayzis:Ayzis 3 2
e x o t i c u m . | erwin smith
A/N: Reader is a Princess
What was this? Icy blue eyes, golden locks, porcelain skin.
    It was a strange sight indeed. But you loved it.
    At the moment you were standing in front of an important looking man,  as an interpreter translated what he was saying to you.
    "Es ist schön, Sie kennen zu lernen Prinzessin (Y/N). Ich bin Kommandant Erwin Smith." The man said with a gentle smile.
    Your interpreter, Delshad nodded and turned to you. "He said, 'It is nice to meet you Princess (Y/N). I am Commander Erwin Smith.'"
    "I see he already knows my name. Well, I shall introduce myself anyways." You said to Delshad. You turned to Erwin and curtsied. "Good day, I am Princess (Y/N), seventh daughter of the King Dârayavahush and third daughter of the Queen Nahid of Persia."
    Delshad repeated this to Erwin. Erwin nodded and started to talk once agai
:iconkykyghibli:KykyGhibli 73 21
5 Yen [Yato x Regalia!Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
5 yen.
The simple copper coin, glinting in the palm of your hand, was worth little to nothing in terms of  face value. Gods of greater stature and reputation received piles and mounts of currency that would tip the scales in comparison to this measly thing.
Yet, your master asked for nothing else.
The delivery god Yato with eyes brighter than the clearest of skies took the smallest of wishes to chores that left him barely standing. You lost count at the amount of times he summoned you and Yukine to take down phantoms plaguing those of this world, refusing to remain in theirs. You swore that the odor of his clammy hands still lingered and even seeped into your skin as well as the imprints of his hands, squeezing and tightening about you in the heat of battle. You slept under the rooftops of shrines, dormant and cold. You ate only from those who offered or through what little you earned.
Yet, he still requir
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 447 65
Big Hero 6: Let's Take The Stairs by behindinfinity Big Hero 6: Let's Take The Stairs :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 3,844 167



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